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Download handouts from the links below:

For Feeding Children:

How Parents Can Help Their Children's Eating - Spanish

How Parents Can Help Their Children's Eating - English

For All Ages:

Anemia Handout - Spanish

Anemia Handout - English


How do I counsel patients who have nutrition related concerns? Click the links below for the answer. Keep in mind that each client is an individual and clinical judgement should take priority

Pregnancy – The Basics

The Pregnant Woman Who Is Gaining Excess Weight

The Pregnant Woman With Inadequate Weight Gain

Nausea and Vomiting In Pregnancy

Anemia In Pregnancy

Pregnant Teenagers

Nutrition Counseling In Pregnancy For The Overweight Woman

High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Pre-existing Diabetes In Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant Women With A History Of Dieting

Helping The Postpartum Woman Lose Weight

The Postpartum Woman Who Is Breastfeeding

The Postpartum Woman Who Is Not Breastfeeding

Lactose Intolerance